Focus on Alumni

KCCL has seen the lives of our students changed in amazing ways. Thus far, many students have successfully graduated. The alumni are enrolled in colleges pursuing careers in tourism, aviation and political science. This gives us great hope in all our students!

Kevin Mwangi

Currently a 2nd Year student at United States International University, Kevin has taken an academic break to pursue piloting at the School of Aviation in Wilson.

Thuo Kigera

Thuo is currently pursuing a Political Science degree at the University of Mount Mary Yolk in the US.

Shalel Tenah

Shalel is a renowned mat weaver serving local and international markets. After graduating from KCCL, she joined Kazuri Beads on internship and excelled. Currently, she is a class assistant and trains students in the vocational curriculum on Beadwork and Mat making.

Maria Njeri

Marianne is at Africa Nazarene University pursuing a degree in Community Development. She has attended a course in International Relations at the Netherland and runs a foundation that focuses on Cerebral Palsy.

Eva Kamau

Eva joined Princecam College to pursue a diploma in photography. She passed with a distinction. She will be joining university in Arizona (USA) to pursue media studies.


Haron is currently pursuing a diploma in film production at Jamhuri Film School.


Anthony is currently training as a chef at Top Chef College.